Read how others have benefited from hypnotherapy

Often, when we have to cope with life’s challenges, it can seem as though we must be the only ones having difficulty, and everyone else seems to sail through life effortlessly. The reality is that every one of us needs a little help sometimes. Here, some clients kindly share their own stories.

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Anxiety, Stress and Depression

I have struggled for over ten years with anxiety, stress and depression. I’ve done all the usual things, you know, endless different pills, overeating, being suicidal, all that.

Things came to a head when my IBS [Irritable Bowel Syndrome] type symptoms became so bad that I couldn’t go out any more without having a panic attack. This was a new and all time low for me. As I refused to try any more pills, my GP sent me to a talk counsellor. I saw him for 7 months. I got to a certain point, but was still pretty messed-up, so I started looking for more help on the net. I found Davina.

That first call was a nightmare for me, but after speaking to Davina for a few minutes, I felt I could go and see her. My first priority was getting out and about, so we concentrated on that. For me, the progress was fast and totally amazing! So we then worked on all the other stuff, including weight loss. To date, I have lost two and a half stone.

My life reads like every soap opera you’ve ever seen, and then some! You just couldn’t make this stuff up. Against all the odds I have come through it. It was very hard and some days it took everything I had to keep going. But I came to realise that everything Davina had been telling me about myself is actually true. I have never trusted anyone in my life like I trust Davina now. I spent the first few weeks telling her all the normal things I was doing I hadn’t been able to do for months.
I just kept saying “you won’t believe this, but”. It took a while to accept that I wasn’t going to crash and burn like I usually did. Even now, a year later, I still have to pinch myself.

The things I have had to deal with, and am still dealing with now, would make most people’s head explode! I still can’t believe that I haven’t gone insane under the pressure and stress I have on a daily basis. I now know in my head and in my heart that I am the strong, smart, brave, kind person that Davina has come to know.
Before that, I thought I was unworthy, unlovable, fit for nothing and deserved all the horror heaped upon me throughout my life. I held myself entirely responsible for things I had no control over, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders for over 30 years!

It’s such a shame I wasted all that time. Don’t repeat my mistakes, take the plunge, set yourself free!


Lack of Confidence and Low Self-esteem

After several weekly sessions with Davina, including relaxation and hypnotherapy, I was able to leave behind the unhappy and unpleasant issues that made me generally miserable, full of doubt and drained my confidence, and begin to move forward again.

Her ‘open sessions’ where you can just sit and talk freely for as long as you wish are invaluable, so much so that they can sometimes be just as appropriate and helpful as hypnotherapy. The hynotherapy itself brings a welcome relaxation which can have a profound effect on restoring flagging confidence which can in itself sometimes make everything else a bit cloudy.

As a therapist, Davina is professional yet caring and approachable. She makes the client feel comfortable regardless of the issue – immediately increasing the chances of a succesful outcome.

Although I have successfully finished a series of sessions with Davina, I hope to return from time to time, just for a chat on my progress and perhaps the occasional boost if needed and will always look forward to meeting with her again.


Transport Phobia/Panic Attacks

About a year and a half ago, I began to suffer from panic attacks while travelling on public transport. My own coping mechanisms failed and the attacks became more debilitating. My physical health began to suffer and I was becoming reluctant to leave home. I therefore decided to try hypnotherapy.

Davina immediately put me at ease and gave me hope that I could overcome the problem. I no longer felt ‘abnormal’. I opted for hypnoanalysis in an attempt to get to the root of the problem. This took several (sometimes difficult) sessions but, with Davina’s support and encouragement, I was able to regain normality in my life.

Davina is an extremely professional and knowledgeable therapist but also has genuine empathy with her clients. I was dealt with sympathetically yet effectively at all times. Davina’s treatment was invaluable – she was a tremendous help to me in what was a very tough time in my life.


Public Speaking Anxiety

Kate came to see me suffering from presentation/anxiety nerves caused by public speaking. In any other situation Kate is very articulate woman able to express her vast experience and knowledge in her chosen field. However, whenever the presentation part of the interview came about  she suffered the following symptoms:

“I have intense panic feelings, my speech quickens; I am afraid  I won’t be able to even form the words properly; throat feels dry; breathing quickens; legs feel like jelly; I feel the audience think I am hopeless/useless; every other candidate is better than me, so I shouldn’t even be there; I have doubts about my capabilities and while in this situation I have negative thoughts and beliefs about myself.”

Kate opted for  a couple of sessions of Suggestion Therapy as she was hopeful of prospective interviews within a few weeks and was going to come back before an interview if she felt she needed a ‘booster session – but she never did! Here is an extract from the next e-mail I received from her, which she has allowed me to use as a testimonial:

“Unbelievably it has taken me till this week to secure ONE single interview because the job market is in a terrible state and  it has taken me months to get an interview.  Ironically I had TWO this week! One  was the interview I had scheduled for October – just after I last saw you – which was postponed due to illness!  I got them both! I was self-assured and confident (although still a bit nervous underneath). I know I will definitely be back to visit you in the new year before a national meeting. I found hypnotherapy an absolutely wonderful experience and think that you must definitely be one of the most genuine and sincere individuals practising in Scotland. Many Many Thanks


Weight Loss

P. had tried to lose weight for many years – yo-yo dieting – fad diets – slimming classes etc – but just put it all back on every time. She would constantly binge then feel wracked with guilt – then soon binge again – this was the patttern. When she came to see me, her symptoms were lethargy, no motivation, feelings of intense anger, frustration, feeling out of control, immense self-loathing and despair that she would be like this for ever! This is what she has to say:

At the Initial Consultation I felt completely at ease as Davina listened to me rambling on and on about my symptoms and the effect they were having on my life in general. She then talked to me about ’emotional eating’ and explained how Hypnotherapy could enable me to overcome this problem and the symptoms I described to her. In other words change all the negatives around my eating habits, feelings and myself into positives! Sounded good to me – even though I had had so many failures in the past, I was encouraged by what I heard and Davina made me feel more positive even before I had had my first actual session!

I had three sessions of Suggestion Therapy in all and from the start they changed the way I felt about myself and food for ever, as I was now aware of the emotional link to my negative eating habits and this was the first step forward for me.

After the first session I was very aware of gradually becoming more relaxed and calm and the feelings being out of control, quick to anger, frustration etc were becoming less and less and this continued to be the case. Everyone around me noticed it – my family, friends and colleagues asked what had I done, what was going on, said how much I had changed for the better. They liked the new me too!
My desperate need to seek ‘comfort’ in food and to binge steadily began to dissapear and to my delight I began to lose weight and also felt more alive with more energy so began to exercise. I still feel so much more positive about myself, my life and my future – I have taken back control!

I recommend Davina to everyone out there who has problems like mine and I know you will find her as calm, reassuring, helpful and knowlegeable as I did – that is just the way she is. Thanks for everything Davina.


Social Anxiety

Just to let you know how things are going.
Confident and chilled now when out with my mates.
No more blushing, sweating and tongue-tied when girls are around either!
In fact great social life now! Ta much for your help.

East Kilbride

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Since my Hypnosis sessions with you I no longer have to plan my days and nights around the nearest toilets in the area. When I came to see you I told you that my I.B.S. was destroying all the joy and pleasure I had in my life – and that I had to give up the love of my life which was competing with my horses at eventing competitions around the country, as I was unable to drive comfortably or travel long journeys.

As I explained, the I.BS. was so unpredictable – even completing a show jumping round or a shorter x-country course could be an ordeal due to this fact. I had tried changing my diet, changing my job and many other things that various people recommended – then I heard of Hypnosis and found a person in my area who did this.

Now I have got my life back in every sense of the word. I still watch my diet but the Hypnosis helped me take back control. I no longer suffer with intense anxiety and stress, I am more confident and relaxed, the physical symptoms of diarrhoea and flatulence, stomach cramps etc have significantly reduced and continue to get less and less as time goes by. I am even more relaxed when competing – an added bonus that I didn’t expect! So a great big thank you!

East Lothian

Emetophobia (Fear related to being or feeling sick)

I used to suffer from a condition called emetaphobia which is a fear from being sick. I had suffered from this properly from the age of 16, so it affected me for about 5 years before I plucked up the courage to seek help and that’s where my journey to recovery started when I met Davina.

First of all the condition affected every aspect of my life from going to school, which I had to leave earlier than I wanted, as I was off sick so often. I panicked at the simplest things like going for a meal, pictures, shopping with my friends, being in a room with people, travelling on public transport, even long or short distances by car. My working environment, all social events was a no-go zone for me. I just couldn’t cope with the fear of being sick , feeling sick or catching something from someone who felt unwell, or uncooked foods. I had to be in a place where I knew I could feel comfortable which was my own house and room.

Before I met Davina I tried everything from complimentary medicines, herbal remedies, doctors, hospital appointments everything, as I thought it was a medical condition not anxiety or subconsciously related.

My life reached a stand still and I had enough, so one night I googled hypnotherapy, as I had heard about hypnosis and how it has helped people get over phobias and fears. So when I found Davina’s web page I had nothing to lose, so I e-mailed her with my symptoms and concerns and a couple days later we had an initial consultation organised. Davina is based in Glasgow and myself Edinburgh, she had recommended some other hypnotherapists in my area for me, but I felt really comfortable with Davina already and wanted to go ahead with the therapy.

My first initial consultation was great. Davina explained to me my options and we both agreed to go ahead with the hypnoanalysis program for myself and started my treatments the following week. My therapy lasted for just about 2 months and I visited Davina every week, throughout my therapy. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, as hypnoanalysis deals with the subconscious mind, memories from your childhood, teenage years to present day.

Davina was fantastic, and with each session, we spoke about what had went on during the previous week, how I felt, how I coped with situations and how I am feeling now. Also what had happened in the previous session and what our aim could be in today’s session – all this was before we started the hypnoanalysis. I felt that this time at the start of every session was a huge help.

My therapy has changed every aspect of my life. I am such a happier, stronger, more confident, easy-going person – I am once again the person I used to be. Throughout my therapy, I dealt with so many issues in my life, I feel I have been given a fresh start and grabbed this with both hands. Sickness does not faze me anymore – so now it can’t stop me from doing anything in my life. Davina is fantastic at what she does and throughout my therapy Davina made me feel at ease, positive all the time, confident and a trust in her which is vital – as honesty is the key for this kind of therapy to work. Now I am living life to the fullest and will soon be going around the world travelling for a year with my 2 best friends with no worries and its all down to Davina. I can’t thank her enough.


Smoking Cessation

Can you remember I came to see you at the beginning of the year?

I had just found out I was pregnant with my second child. I had tried to stop smoking by myself during my first pregnancy and never succeeded and wanted to try again and asked you to help me. One session with you and that was it – I stopped that day and nearly a year later I am still a non-smoker. Everyone in the family – including my new baby son – has benefitted from this, so thanks from us all.

Oh, I have also stopped biting my nails!


Sports Performance - Golf

The visualisations we practiced during the sessions work wonders when I am out on the course. Feel more relaxed too!

Thanks again.


Depression and Anxiety

I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was in my teens and I’ve probably tried every treatment you could mention to tackle it, but nothing has appeared to be more than an emotional elastoplast.

I came to Hypnotherapy Lanark aware that I might be clutching at straws but feeling that Hypnotherapy was worth a try. When I met Davina, I was immediately reassured. Her empathic, approachable manner put me at ease and as she asked for background information I felt attentively listened to.

I have difficulty relaxing and tend to become frustrated by being told to relax, however I found that I relaxed so deeply that I fell asleep and often use the CD she gave me to help me relax into a restful sleep at night. I had three sessions and arranged to come back for a fourth time at a point that I knew was typically stressful for me.

I feel more positive and optimistic and I believe in myself far more. When I have come up against recent challenges, which would previously have caused significant anxiety, have been manageable. When I come back from a hypnotherapy session my husband comments on how much more positive I am, and friends and family comment on how much better and happier I seem.

I’d recommend Hypnotherapy Lanark to anyone.


General Anxiety Disorder/Relationship Problems

After a longterm marriage breakdown, every day became a struggle and I really felt in need of a helping hand. With Davina’s help and sympathetic ear, I learned to accept that the past is behind me and not to dwell on it but to think positively about the future. Also to focus on what I do have in my life – and not of what I have lost.
I would definitely recommend this type of therapy to change your outlook on life when all seems lost. I am now looking forward to a brighter future.


Anger and Stress Management

I would just like to thank Davina for all her hard work. When I first made an appointment, I instantly felt calm and relaxed even on the phone. I would say you definitely have a gift which you pass on to people, which I felt was very beneficial. I must say that if you are willing to put the effort in and listen to everything Davina tells you then Hypnotherapy will work for you. 100%!!!!!

I’m a more calmer person and using the techniques that Davina has taught me I can control myself a lot more.

Davina is a person you can talk to all day and listens. This in itself is great, and you feel like the world has been lifted off your shoulders.

I would not hesitate to use Davina in the future and wish her all the very best.


Fear of Blood and Needles

I was recommended Davina through a friend and it took me a wee while to pluck up the courage to contact her.

I have suffered from a severe phobia with blood and needles all my life. I contacted Davina, as my husband and I wanted to start a family, and instead of getting excited about the thought of being pregnant and buying pink or blue things, I would lie awake all night worrying about blood tests! I met with Davina and explained my situation. She didn’t look at me strangely or giggle (which has happened in past), but told me it was completely normal and put me so at ease!

I was worried about hypnosis initially (after seeing hypnosis shows, I wondered would I be eating onions as apples!) Davina spoke to me about hypnosis and explained everything thoroughly. The first session, I could only have dreamed about being relaxed about a blood test, but by session 6, this had become a reality! I actually got to put it all to the test, as I fell pregnant and of course had to go for the dreaded blood test. Everything went fine, I remained calm and didn’t become upset or scream!

I would like to thank Davina for her patience, she really has helped me overcome a HUGE hurdle!! Thanks again.


Fear of the Dentist

I had a real fear of the dentist and put off going for many years, until my teeth had become so bad and painful that I was advised to do so by my Doctor. I also had a fear of anything that they put into my mouth and would gag and retch if they even come near me with any of their tools.

I Googled ‘Hypnotherapists’ and decided to go along and see Davina, after speaking to her on the phone first, and she had explained how Hypnotherapy could help me.

As the weeks went by, not only did I overcome my fear of the Dentist, but I became so much calmer and more relaxed about everything else in my life too. My wife couldn’t believe it!

Losing my fear was a very gradual process, because we went at my pace, stretching the boundaries as it were more and more each week, until I felt I could cope with a check-up at least.

I made an appointment for a check-up and this went fine and we just took it from there. I had already tried to go to this particular Dentist in the distant past, so he knew how I normally reacted, and he was amazed at how much calmer and in control I was, even at my first injection and filling.

Now I can smile without covering my mouth, and am still just as calm and relaxed in my everyday life as when I was going along for my weekly Hypnotherapy session.

Davina never rushed me, or expected more than I could give – being very patient, caring and giving me lots of encouragement to succeed, and I did!

So all you Dentistphobes out there, don’t suffer any longer, try Hypnotherapy it works!


Concentration/Focus/Exam Anxiety

Thanks for everything Davina. I wouldn’t have passed my Finals without your help and the therapy. I was able to focus more and found it so much easier to study – which is one of the reasons why I asked for your help. I no longer have a massive panic attack before exams which then became much, much worse when I had to go into the exam room During exams now I can easily find the information I need in the ‘library’ of my mind whereas before I was so full of panic that my mind became a complete blank.

Another plus for me is that I have never before felt so calm and relaxed before and during an exam – it felt great!

Thanks for listening and helping. I will be recommending you to all my fellow students too.

West Lothian

Lack of Confidence/Low Self-esteem

Thank you for everything. You have really helped me along and because of the Hypnotherapy sessions with you I feel a lot more optimistic about life in general. The best thing I ever done was contact you and come for the sessions as for the first time in years I feel like I can cope with life and any situations that may arise.

I also just wanted to say that I think you have a gift for what you do. Like I told you at the beginning I have seen other therapists and tried different therapy but they didn’t help me at all, but you have and for that I am extremely grateful.

I will miss coming along for the sessions on a weekly basis as I have honestly never felt so relaxed whilst there and I also enjoyed chatting to you.

South Lanarkshire

Sports Performance - Show Jumping

I just wanted you to know that I am now winning my classes more times than I ever thought I could. I feel relaxed and calm when I am riding now and all the ‘tools’ you gave me help me every time.

Will keep you posted on my progress – look out for me in the Olympics in the future! 🙂

Thanks again you have helped me so much.


Weight Control

I never believed I could be in control of my ‘emotional eating’. I stuffed my body with food every time I felt stressed or down and then ate even more because I was disgusted and ashamed that I had done this again. I didn’t even know it was linked to/made worse by my emotions (think it used to be called comfort eating – but emotional eating makes more sense somehow)

Davina helped me to understand what the ‘root cause’ of this problem was and over a period of time I turned my life around and changed my eating habits and gradually I managed to lose the weight and enjoy my life again.

It took time and patience and some effort on both our parts but was well worth it.

Glasgow Area

Smoking Cessation

Smoking was destroying my life. I had smoked for over thirty years and was in a bad way both financially and health wise. I had tried everything on the market and nothing worked. Then a friend suggested I go and see a Hypnotherapist called Davina who had helped her to become a non-smoker.

I decided I had nothing to lose and couldn’t believe how easy it was this time. Davina made the hypnotherapy session just to suit me and made sure she had lots of information about me and my ‘habit’ before I went along for the session.

After the session I just never wanted a cigarette again… no craving… no bad temper… nothing… I was just a non-smoker and still am months and months later!

This works!!!


Hypnoanalysis (Chronic and disabling procrastination)

I finally realised that I had to get help urgently as I faced bankruptcy. I am self-employed and for years had been defeated by severe procrastination. People depend on me. It had become an insurmountable, all-consuming and crippling problem. People just don’t realise what a burden it is I made a desperate web search and made one of the best decisions of my life to get help from Davina.

I knew that I wanted hypnoanalysis and just wanted the problem fixed, not realising that it was only part of a web of underlying issues that all had urgently to be addressed. My sense of crisis was a fragment of a picture of depression, insecurity, grief, self-blame and punishing self-doubt.

I was surprised that I could be hypnotised and able to relax before exploring a lifetime of accumulated false but deeply held beliefs about who I was and why. Nothing is a quick fix but Davina was endlessly patient and unstinting in her care. I began to piece together the clues offered by analysis understand how I got here and why. It slowly became possible to like myself, trust myself and stop blaming myself. The connections between important events, many long buried, began to form and the deeply-held beliefs about myself became obviously unrealistic and distorted. Once that had sunk in it became possible to unbend the rails that lead to all the dead ends.

It feels like a kind of healing at the end, and lots of empty spaces being filled in but with wholesome things. All of the other behaviours that were driving me down like binge drinking, binge eating, hiding away from things all start to find their place in the story and crucially, once I learned that nothing is set in stone and determined forever, could all be changed and modified just like my false bleak picture of myself. Control comes within reach and everything can be controlled. New and better ways of doing things can be discovered and used instead. I was the end product of an unhappy past but not any longer governed by the past. I am still dyslexic but not defined by dyslexia. Surprisingly, it brings its own gifts I can take steps to work within its limits. In the same way a new understanding of myself is a bit of a gift and brings a happier more balanced approach to coping with problems. I recognise the signs and can take charge. Impulse prompts but does not command and can be denied if I choose to deny it.

Am I ‘cured’? I think now that this is the wrong way to look at it. I am still broke, but not broken any more. There is a long road ahead. It won’t be easy and it won’t all go well, but I can make it work one way or another. Ask me again in a year. You’ll know me right off – I will be the guy who is smiling. Thanks Davina.



I was very nervous when I began my therapy with Davina, but she made sure I knew exactly what was involved and that I was entirely comfortable with what lay ahead. The journey we’ve been on together has been nothing short of miraculous. I always knew the answers lay in my mind somewhere and I found it so empowering knowing that I helped myself.

Of course, I could NOT have done so without Davina’s guidance, support, generosity of spirit and easy and comforting way. She is truly a wonderful human being, with a tremendous gift. I never once felt I was being judged or analyzed. She merely listened with patience and grace and helped me see the truth in what I was finding out about myself.

She lets you go at your own pace, and pushes only when she feels it’s in your interest. Her skill is unique and her insights were fascinating and extremely helpful. I always felt completely at ease in her company and able to express thoughts and feelings I had never before. I’m fortunate to have lots of support at home, but nothing could compare to the support I received from Davina. She is kind, funny, patient, generous and wise. Quite apart from the sessions, I found our casual chats just as rewarding.

Davina gave me my self confidence back, and helped me turn my life around, for which I will always be grateful.


Weight Issues/Emotional Eating

Thank you! Three months down the line I have lost all the weight that I wanted to and not put any back on! I have completely changed my lifestyle and now exercise regularly and eat healthily. I no longer binge eat or eat to make me feel better and I drink water now instead of fizzy juice! At first I could hardly believe it and kept thinking it wouldn’t last but it just feels right for me now to be the person I am. If you want to change, go and see Davina I am sure she can help you to sort out your life too.


Smoking Cessation

I never believed that I could stop smoking but with your help I have! Thanks again.


Smoking Cessation

The smoking cessation therapy worked a treat and I am still a non-smoker. I would recommend it to all smokers who find it difficult to stop smoking.


Anxiety and Stress

Hypnotherapy changed my life around. My life is so much better now and all my friends and family notice the difference in me.


Fear of Commitment to a Relationship

I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders when my therapy was successfully completed. I am no longer afraid to trust myself to get involved in a relationship and feel more comfortable being me than I ever thought possible. Thanks for everything. Will keep you posted.


Fear of Flying

I’m no longer afraid to fly!!! Thank you much

East Kilbride

Social Phobia

Hypnotherapy worked for me! I am no longer anxious and stressed out when I am in company. I find the self hypnosis relaxation techniques Davina taught me easy to do and use it whenever I need to.


Panic Attacks

I was having really awful panic attacks brought on with stress at work. I developed an awful fear of having to go to the toilet anywhere but my own house. This was brought on at my worst period of stress due to the fact that I suffered food poisoning on the way back from a rare night away with my husband and I had to stop at every toilet on the way home. I was at my wit’s end. I was so unhappy. I refused antidepressants coz I knew I wasn’t depressed. I went to a therapist but ended it half way through. Hypnotherapy was my last grasp as I was absolutely at the end of my tether.

Davina was fantastic. I went into the first consultation expecting to bottle it as I’m very shy, but I ended up blathering for nearly 2 hours and that was before the hypnotherapy!! You must approach it with a very positive attitude though. I knew it was my last chance of getting my normal life back. It worked. Still get a wee bit uneasy with some things life flings at you, but I can cope with them now. If you’re uneasy about trying hypnotherapy don’t be. It’s amazing. But you must have an open mind for it.

Thanks Davina x

Smoking Cessation

I went to Davina to stop smoking and so far so good!

Davina was very thorough, getting right to the root of my smoking and therefore how best to work with me! I’ve tried every method to stop smoking and this is the most confident I’ve felt that I’ll kick it this time!

Fear of Flying

Davina is one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting 🙂

I can now get on a plane without a panic attack and it ruining my hols!!!! She is extremely good at her job and I would highly recommend her 🙂 Change your life and make that call!!!!!

August 2018. So a wee update to my review…
I thought when I finished my hypnotherapy that that was as good as I would get but I was wrong!!!! The positive effects continue to show each year with me now going much further flights. Not only that, but now doing other things that fear would have once deterred me to do 🙂

Going to Davina was one of the best decisions I ever made. xxx

Stress and Anxiety

I am so thankful for what Davina has done for me. After only 5 sessions I am feeling back to myself again. You don’t realise how much stress and anxiety can take over your life. This type of therapy has worked great for me and have already recommended her to my friends.


I visited Davina a few years back just before I had my twins. I wanted to be as relaxed as I possibly could be before I went in to have what had been classed as a slightly higher risk delivery. I thoroughly enjoyed my session and her relaxation CD helped me sleep when being the size of a small country made it difficult to get a comfy position!!

Would definitely recommend 🙂

Fear of Flying

Amazing lady! I had a huge fear of flying but thanks to Davina’s help, my flight on Thursday, including the weeks prior, was enjoyable. It honestly felt like I was just sitting on a bus. My husband was astounded when he looked over at me in the seconds before take-off, where I’m normally a crying wreck and there I was just looking out the window, smiling!

Thank you so much xxx

Weight Loss

Davina has helped me a lot more than ever. I’ve always been aware of my body and wanted to change it and she gave me the push I needed and joined a gym and I’ve never looked back. Also she’s made me a better person too. 🙂

I’m doing well, I hope you are too 🙂
I’ve lost 2 stone since April with diet and the gym. I don’t mind if you post my review as you have helped me a lot and hope others can have the pleasure of meeting you as well 🙂

Thank you Davina

Achieving Goals

Davina is very kind, caring and patient. She helped me achieve my goals and I can’t recommend Davina enough to those who want to make a change for good.

Thanks Davina xx


Davina is the nicest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I can’t thank her enough for helping me with a few things that were making me miserable.

A true friend

Weight Loss

Davina is a truly wonderful kind person! She has helped me through hypnosis and a patient ear to support me with my self-esteem with regards to my weight loss and how I deal with stress!

Much to thank her for as I am in a better place xxxx

Low Self-esteem, Stress and Weight Loss

Davina is a truly wonderful kind person! She has helped me through hypnosis and a patient ear to support me with my self-esteem with regards to my weight loss and how I deal with stress!

Much to thank her for as I am in a better place xxxx

Fear of Flying

My uncontrollable fear of flying is no more thanks to Davina. She has managed to turn my fear and nerves into excitement and anticipation. I am forever grateful and would highly recommend this therapy to anyone.

Big, big thanks xx

Low Self-esteem

It is great to see the amazing impact Davina has made on so many other people’s lives as well as my own. Truly amazing work, she has helped me change my entire life. What an amazing life-long friend to have ! Don’t worry, be happy!  😀

Thanks so much xxxx

Stopping Thumb-sucking

Davina stopped my daughter sucking her thumb in just one appointment – it was completely amazing. We’d tried everything else but nothing else stopped her. We both think Davina’s lovely and a year on, my daughter still talks fondly about her, and at 8 years old, recommends Davina to other people! X

Low Self-esteem

Davina is so wonderful. I’m learning so much about myself and feel better inside too. Davina you’re a star.
Amazing lady! She has helped me so much the past couple of years, don’t know where I would have been without her.

Low Self-esteem

I went to see Davina, and she was so good. Feeling very relaxed and positive about what I have to do to change my way of life to ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Thankyou Davina x